This is Where You Can Drink Pliny the Younger in Orange County in 2015

UPDATE Monday, Feb. 16, 2014: The Crow Bar and Kitchen's Pliny will be flowing at 3 p.m., not 2 p.m. Keep that in mind

It's that time of the year again. Everyone's favorite Triple IPA will be making its appearance in Orange County at the end of this week. This is the list that'll tell you where you can drink it, but you'll have to check after the jump for that.


Tustin Brewing Company

Tustin Brewing will have their Pliny the Younger taping THIS WEDNESDAY at 11 a.m. Perfect time for an early lunch, if I've ever heard one.

Selma's Chicago Pizzeria and Taproom
They'll be getting it, but haven't finalized plans just yet. Keep an eye on their Facebook page this week for the eventual details.

The Crow Bar and Kitchen
The Crow Bar will start selling Pliny on the 24th. The beer will start flowing at 3 p.m., and doors open at 11:30 a.m. There will be a line.

Hollingsheads Deli
Hollingsheads' Pliny day is TODAY. If you're reading this, you have until 10 a.m. until they start pouring. God speed.

Haven Gastropub
Haven in Orange will have their Pliny day on the 22nd at 9 a.m. If there's a line, they'll hand out tickets right before doors open. Special for this year, you can have Pliny the Younger as part of a flight of Russian River beers paired with Haven's brunch menu. Sounds like a good time. One more thing, Haven's been giving away early entry into their line over on their Instagram. If you share a post, you get a chance of winning a prize and guaranteed entry, so head over there for that.

Beachwood BBQ
Pliny will be available at both locations.. but you'll have to win a raffle to taste it. Tickets are $5, you can buy an unlimited amount of them, and proceeds go to the Melanoma Research Foundation. For more information, head on over to Beachwood's events page.

Anthill Pub
They're not even confirmed to receive any yet, but they've been a good bet in recent years.

Pizza Port San Clemente
Already gone! They got their keg super early this year.

If there's any I've missed, send me an email. Otherwise, best of luck to all the basic bros this year!

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