This is the Best Defense of the Really Real Orange County You'll Ever Read

Many right-minded Orange Countians are routinely confronted with the region's reputation as a bastion for conservatism, intolerance and gawdawful reality show cast members.

While we here at the Weekly do our part to expose the freaks, we should also make it a practice to honor those working to dispel the stereotypes slapped on all the people who live, work and love here.


Take, for instance, DewDropIn (gotta love that name), who responded to this on the Orange County City-Data forum:

Here now is one of the best defenses of the really real Orange County that I've ever read:

My insight is you don't know diddly squat about Orange County.

It's 2014, not 1968. Believe it or not the Fair Housing Act applied to Orange County. The son of the Bircher married the Hispanic girl he sat next to in Algebra II. Their gay child is planning his wedding.

And the cake is being flown in from Colorado.

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