This Fork Buzzes When You're Eating Too Fast

Technology can be a real bitch sometimes. Facebook sends evidence of your weekend shenanigans to your mom's newsfeed, GPS devices reveal when you're at Sidecar Doughnuts instead of the gym, and now there's this: a fork that knows when you're pigging out.

It's called HAPIfork, and it's pretty genius, actually. The gizmo records the pace at which you touch your fork to your mouth, and when you eat too fast, a “gentle vibration” and indicator light reminds you to slow down. (Thankfully, no pig noises go off.) It also tracks how many servings you've taken and how long your meals last. All of this information gets uploaded to a website or mobile app, on which you can view your eating trends and change your habits accordingly.


Studies have shown that the faster you eat, the more you eat, and food that is chowed down too quickly can stress out your digestive track.

The so-called “smart fork” recently reached its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter, and production is under way. It can be purchased for $89 and should be ready for delivery in September.

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