This Brewery in Anaheim Quietly Closed This Weekend

SoCal Sunset, my last Hoparazzi beer ever. Photo by Greg Nagel

At the recent yearly state of the brewing industry talk by Dr. Bart Watson at the Brewers Association a couple of weeks ago, he outlined craft beer industry trends…one of them being brewery openings versus closings. Although the data shows there is some slowing of brewery openings, closings pretty much have been at a constant low level nation-wide over the last decade.

“In saturated areas, closures will become more common,” said Dr. Bart, frankly.

Weekend warrior Lisa Perez, owner of Hoparazzi Brewing on the last day or service. Photo by Greg Nagel

On the La Palma Beer Trail in Anaheim, where there are eleven breweries squeezed in within a couple miles, Hoparazzi Brewery owner Lisa Perez said, “sad to share this news, but it’s time to bid Adieu…we will be shutting down operations on 9/30.”

Lisa ran Hoparazzi over the last three years, and even saw success at the World Beer Cup, winning bronze for Heat in the Night, a chili beer that added frozen peppers to their base IPA to create a delicious pepper-forward beer.

Global success. Photo by Greg Nagel

“I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to each one of you who helped and supported me and my Team during this journey. I’m proud of what we have overcome and accomplished,” says Perez, on her last day of service.

A look at the final taplist. Photo by Greg Nagel

When asked for comment about the reason for closure, she only noted, “it’s been a good run.”

By the time you read this, Hoparazzi will have already closed for good. As I toss back the last bit of my Socal Sunset hoppy red ale, I give Lisa a hug as she rides off into a sunset of her own.

6 Replies to “This Brewery in Anaheim Quietly Closed This Weekend”

  1. any “new” brewery today has to be stellar and on their social media game as well as some kind of gimmick such as bottle logic’s week of logic or the beer memberships like the bruery. it does help to have a “known ” brewer too. this area, you have greats like bottle logic and bruery terreaux and with green cheek not to far away and the anticipated brewey x that just opened, places like hopearazzi really does not have a chance in such a saturated area. Ive seen and heard of hoparazzi, but with so many established go to places, i never made it there and within the beer community ive never heard them mentioned. its sad, but it is well overdue for some of these places to shut down. way to many lackluster breweries today in socal.

  2. They made a few good sours, for sure, but I personally felt they were overpriced from the beginning. I found that off putting although I’m sure they crunched some numbers and figured what they needed to stay alive. Standing in Bottle Logics shadow didn’t help either. I don’t think they got the overflow they may have been expecting. Finally, the Brewery X opening was the hammer that drove the stake through their heart.

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