Things That Really, Really Scare Me!

More minerals in fast food: a man says a Sausage McMuffin sandwich he bought recently at a McDonald's in Orange contained a rusty, inch-long bolt. But thanks to an unrelated lawsuit, the coffee he washed it down with wasn't too hot.

Stupid stunts: a pro wrestler who entered a SoCal boxing ring on Oct. 16 with an 800-pound Alaskan grizzly bear later found himself in an ultimate death match with Ava Park and her Orange County People for Animals. After much prodding, including having meat thrown at her, the terrified bear eventually wrestled the man. However, the public outcry—spurred on by Park and her forces—was so fierce that the wrassler would have to have meat between his ears to try that stunt around these parts again.

More stupid stunts: a 60-year-old parachutist jumps off Yosemite's El Capitan on Oct. 22 to protest park rules banning such jumps, her chute doesn't open, and she dies after splattering on terra firma. But her form? Spectacular!

Taking the trick out of trick or treating: chalk it up to our rampant gun culture—with a dab of cop- and mainstream media-fueled fear of young people—that a 47-year-old Buena Park man on Oct. 19 would whip out a .357-caliber Magnum (allegedly), put it next to a 17-year-old boy's head (allegedly) and blow the lad away (allegedly). The kid had just taken the man's plastic pumpkin trash bag. Allegedly.

Happy Halloween!

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