Thing No. 137 Not to Do When You're Drunk

That's right, coming in at No. 137 is “Hiking Naked in Remote, Cactus-Covered Hills.”


From Barbara Giasone of the Orange County Register:

FULLERTON–A nude man covered in cactus thorns, who couldn't find his way out
of a canyon Tuesday night, was located by police and taken to St. Jude Medical Center for treatment, Sgt. Andrew Goodrich said.

Oscar Mues, 19,
became trapped in cactus and brush behind security fencing in Coyote Hills around 11 p.m. The spot of his, uh, pricking was so remote rescuers had to unlock a gate and use an access road within 75 yards of him before three officers hiked down
through the brush to, uh, un-prick Mues, Giasone reports.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment–and confirmation that he was under
influence of alcohol, which brought along with it a citation for drunkenness in
public as he was treated and released.

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