These Were The Worst Trump Thugs at Huntington Beach’s #MAGAMarch Rally

Yesterday on KFI-AM 640, Jennifer Sterling appeared on The John and Ken Show (#fuckjohnken) to rail against the “punk thugs” that marred last Saturday’s pro-Donald Trump rally in Huntington Beach that she helped to organize. She dismissed the white supremacists there as “plants” and decried as “fake news” our report that showed that masked protesters used pepper spray only after Weekly intern Frank Tristan was beaten up by two Trumpbros, and that the the spicy weapon was aimed at one of the attackers, not Sterling.

Sterling obviously didn’t read our story, which is a shame because we at the Weekly would like to express our gratitude to her for saving Tristan from further harm not once, but twice. But we must disagree with her assertion of who the thugs were on Saturday. The nastiest people that afternoon were not leftists but rather Trump supporters—and we have the proof.

After reviewing dozens of videos from every conceivable angle, bias, video device, and edit, here are the worst Trump thugs of HB’s #MagaMarch. Yes, Trump supporters were punched and pushed by leftists—and yet none of their actions compare to the gleeful, unrepentant goonery that the following people displayed.


California Penal Code Section 21710 states that anyone who possesses, “any composite knuckles or hard wooden knuckles is guilty of a misdemeanor.” That’s the guy up there. And lest you think he was just grinning for the cameras, this video shows him sucker-punching African-American counter-protesters while wearing them, and helicopter video shot by KTTV-TV Channel 11 distinctly shows him at one point reaching into his pockets and putting something in his hand (go to the 3:06 mark, and look for a fat guy in the bottom right corner). A Los Angeles Times photographer caught him swinging earlier with the knuckles at the African American counter-protester, and the Channel 11 shows him delivering another punch, for four sucker punches in total. The funny thing, of course, is that Knucky never bothered to stick around and actually brawl, always delivering his punches behind the safety of a bigger bro in front of him and frequently waddling away afterwards.


This man (we call him Trump Friend) pushed our photographer, Brian Feinzimer, after being told by the husband of an organizer that he had pushed a woman down (the woman had been harassing Feinzimer and Weekly photographer Julie Leopo with an American flag). When Tristan tried to intervene, Trump Friend began pummeling Tristan before getting dragged away by Sterling, as the above video shows.


He was hanging out with Hammerskin Nation members right before Tristan’s beating. Gray Shirt Guy was slapped by a masked counter-protester, so perhaps he was triggered by seeing Trump Friend beat up Tristan. The video doesn’t show it well, but this video shows Gray Shirt Guy slime his way toward an unguarded Tristan to throw in his own licks. But karma’s a bitch: an anarchist jumped in and pepper-sprayed Gray Shirt Guy, also hitting Sterling and others in the process.


This schlubby nebbish didn’t punch or beat up anyone, but in some ways he’s the most thuggish person on this list. He stood in between one nogoodnik who wore a Hammerskin Nation jacket, and another shmendrik with swastika tattoos. But that wasn’t Mr. Helicopter Ride’s sin: In this video and this video, he can be heard shrilly screaming that counter-protesters should get a “helicopter ride”—a neo-Nazi callback to when Latin American fascists would send a chopper over the Pacific and dump political opponents. Fun times!


Right behind Mr. Helicopter Ride was this woman, who wasn’t doing anything until 52-year-old Sunset Beach resident Angie LaPorte-Domkus turned her phone camera toward her. Ms. Punchy proceeded to punch LaPorte-Domkus in the face without provocation, as the very end of her video shows.

“I’ve lived here for 18 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” LaPorte-Domkus told the Orange County Register. “It blew me away that this rally was even held here because this is a tight-knit community where we have pancake breakfasts and family events. I’ve never witnessed so much hatred and I was shocked to see it.”

We’re not.

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