These Are the Best Orange County-Based Vendors on Vintagewear App Depop

The new way to nab used and upcycled goods is through e-commerce apps such as Depop. And while that same buying power existed through sites such as Etsy or eBay, Depop has a handy interface resembling Instagram, allowing you to like specific items and follow vendors with discerning taste, including thrift-store mavens, bloggers and such celebrities as Shaquille O’Neal and Dita Von Teese (and who wouldn’t want to take a peek at what’s coming out of their closets?).

Depop makes shopping easier and less time-consuming than pushing through racks of clothing at Goodwill. If you’re after an obscure or über-specific item of clothing, you can type something like “metallic button down shirt” or “vintage white Kangol bucket hat” into the search engine. Even better, you can find items from high-end brands such as Prada, Balenciaga or Yves St. Laurent at discounted prices. And vendors are upfront and honest about wear and tear in the product descriptions, with closeup shots and modeling photos.

But it’s not all pastels and sequins. At the dawn of its reign, you could haggle prices with the seller or even trade for an equally priced item. Now, in an effort to crack down on flakes and ripoffs, more and more vendors are backing away from those tactics for their own protection. And if an item doesn’t fit, too bad—very few vendors will accept refunds.

Despite those setbacks, I still check Depop for my next big score, especially from my favorite Orange County-based vendors, including @loserthrift, @dreamofvenus, @psychorags, @jonnarayofsunshine and @breezyschweetz, all of whom sell unique collections of preloved vintage clothing that millennials will covet. That perfect jean jacket you fell in love with at first sight? It’s now only a double-tap away from hanging in your closet.

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