There's a Food Truck Called “Pho King Awesome”

Yes, there's a new food truck roaming the streets of Long Beach called “Pho King Awesome” which follows Pho King Way in Mission Viejo and many other phở purveyors who name their restaurants so that it ends up sounding like an obscene verb in the present participle.

But Pho King Awesome doesn't seem to be just a pho truck. Along with bowls of pho, Pho King Awesome also offers a fried rice they've dubbed “phunky”, Asian tacos, Asian Cajun chicken, “Spamusushi”, and egg rolls.


You can check out a very confusing calendar they've put up on their website to see where they'll be next. I'm less curious about that name and more how they get the pho broth not to slosh around and scald them when they're on the road.

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