The World Famous Doll Hut Closes its Doors…Again. This Time For Good.

Last call, folks. For good this time.

Recently, beloved punk rock gem the Doll Hut announced via Facebook that the bar has been sold to a new owner who will likely turn it into something very different than it is now. For the past 11 years, several owners have run the place, including  Blue and Anthony Castaneda who took over for famed owner Linda Jemison in 2001. Since then, it's continued to be a diamond in the rough–even for twentysomething, punk-loving whippersnappers like myself– to look back on fondly with memories of some of the most vile, raw, beer-soaked debacles (aka “shows”) we could've ever hoped for. 

Yeastie Boys, I personally owe you an extra special thank you for all the circus-style havoc you caused there. And of course any local punk with even the faintest grasp of their local history can tell you that the Hut's 49-person capacity has housed OC's biggest acts–The Offspring, The Vandals, The Cadillac Tramps, Social Distortion, Mike Watt and countless others who are/were just as big if not bigger. Sadly, this cramped monument of OC punk history will be no more after 2013.

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The most important assets to the bar's recent incarnation (at least since Jemison first
took it over in 1989) have been the bands you've probably
never heard of and the fans that soldiered out to see them play at all hours of the night and early morning.

lamented the first time the Hut was in danger of closing for good (see
former Weekling Rebecca Schoenkopf's classic piece…you Kennedy
killers!)  But now, whether we owe the closure to Disneyland construction, a bad economy or the owners' decision to just move on, it's hard to gin up the right words for what
appears to be the final nail in the coffin for one of OC's most historic
See this statement released from the owners via Facebook:

Official Statement:

Hut has been sold to a new owner. We expect the new owner to change the
format. It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that The
Doll Hut as we know it will cease to exist. This will take effect
January 1, 2013. We encourage everyone to come out these next few months
to support local music, to say Hi, to say bye, to regale us with
stories of the Doll Hut old and new.
Doll Hut is a special place for us and we know it is to most of you as
well. We love you and hope to see you soon.

Don't take those
words lightly. Get your ass out there as often as you can. Count every
piece of chewed up gum you step on, every bit of stage feedback and
decaying band sticker on the wall as a priceless memory. You'll miss it all when it's finally gone.

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