The Wheel of Wes Anderson

Round and round Wes Anderson goes, where he stops nobody knows… at least, that’s the premise behind CinemAttack! Production’s next near-midnight screening at the Frida Cinema in Downtown Santa Ana. They’ll spin their wheel of Wes Anderson movies, and whatever it lands on is getting screened. Will it be the one with Bill Murray? Or the one with Jason Schwartzman? Maybe the Wilson brothers will be involved somehow? Maybe it’ll even be.. gulp.. Bottle Rocket? Whatever ultimately gets shown, anyone’s who’s been to one of CinemAttack’s perennially sold-out shows knows what’s up. They can expect a costume contest with awesome prizes. The Frida will probably be done up in Futura font-ed posters, maybe even be an Indian manservant or two.

Fri., Jan. 16, 10 p.m., 2015

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