The Warriors Fans Gang Up on Board Game Developers

Anyone who saw Walter Hill's movie The Warriors in 1979 may have forgotten the plot, but there is no way they could have forgotten the most memorable line of dialogue.

“Warriors, come out to play-yay.”

That's what Luther of the Rogues says when his fictional New York City gang arrives to rumble with their cross-town rivals The Warriors, who he has falsely blamed for killing the charismatic leader of a third gang, the Gramercy Riffs.

But the announcement last week that Kennesaw, Georgia-based Silly Kid Games is mounting a Kickstarter campaign for the new board game “The Warriors: Turf War” was met with dozens of fans saying “Warriors: Turf War developers, come out to play-yay.”

That was after many of them play-yayed the in-development version—and were underwhelmed. Indeed, there was so much negative feedback (and, to be fair, constructive criticism) that Silly Kid Games this week suspended its Kickstarter campaign after raising more than $33,000 toward a $100,000 goal.

“We've had our eyes and ears open, boppers,” reads Silly Kid Games' “Temporary Truce.” “We've got a ton of improvements in mind for our Kickstarter, but some of those changes are too big to implement during an active campaign. We're excited to bring you the best possible version of The Warriors: Turf War, so we're gonna step out briefly to give this baby a tuneup. We'll be back later this month with some surprises we know you'll love.”

Fans, funders and potential gamers are directed to an updates page for the latest developments in the re-development.

So fear not, living room Rogues, Silly Kid Games will get this all sorted out so we can soon say, “Warrior fans, come out to pay-yay.”

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