The Waffle Affair Opens in Newport Beach

When I wrote about The Waffle Affair earlier this year and predicted it was going to be “another waffle sandwich shop”, their PR person e-mailed me and set me straight. “Waffle sandwiches aren't even on the menu, they offer modern variations on authentic LiĆ©ge, and all ingredients are incorporated into the batter,” she said.

Now the shop is open, and by golly, they're sticking to it.


The press release even says this: “Elevating the waffle from breakfast snack to an epicurean specialty with its clean and elegant presentation, The Waffle Affair eschews the “waffle sandwich” and the idea of simply using the waffle as a foundation to support toppings.”

And perusing their online picture menu (which you can also do), I see no waffles being used in pairs as bread for a sandwich…but they did still manage to stuff a lot of sandwich-like fillings into a few of theirs, such as the cheddar and bacon, which are baked into their waffles. As the press release says, “no toppings required.”

So I'll happily eat my words. (Insert pun here about eating the waffles)

The Waffle Affair is located at 1064 Bayside Drive in the Bayside Center in Newport Beach. The website:

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