The Waffle Affair, Another Waffle Sandwich Shop, Plans to Open

I've written posts with similar headlines before. Many times. Care to guess what The Waffle Affair is going to be? Yes, it's yet another waffle sandwich shop. This one is slated to open in Bayside Center in Newport Beach, a few doors down from Sapori.

Though I don't know much more than the facts I've already stated above, I think I can fill in the blanks, and probably, so can you.


Chances are good that they'll likely serve waffles as the bun for burgers and fried chicken–and they'll have fried chicken, because if I know anything about these waffle sandwich shops, they always have fried chicken.

When it opens The Waffle Affair will join Wafflete Cafe, Waffleholic, Gaüfreé, and Iron Press in following the trail that Bruxie blazed.

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