The Top Five Female Rappers in OC

Pondering the local hip-hop scene, the Weekly asked the simple question, “Where are the female MC's in OC?” almost two years ago. Our neighbors to the north in Los Angeles can boast a vibrant underground with a number of femcees on the mic whether its artists like Vel the Wonder, Top Dime, or Reverie. Over here? Not so much…or so it seemed. Maybe we just weren't listening close enough, as it turns out, because there's definitely a lot of talented women doing their thing with hip-hop.

Enjoy the different styles from this assembled playlist the Weekly has put together of the top five femcees rockin' the mic from all over the county. (Anaheim, where you at?!)


5. Lady Socratez
Lady Socratez displays an adept delivery served with a side of rasp. She has teamed with Grand Angel in forming the group Royal Fellowship.

For Lady Socratez, whose real name is Sarita Stamps, music runs in the family. Her older brother is Bad Azz who we all revere for his verse on Makaveli's “Krazy” and having Snoop Dogg guest on his gangsta rap hit “We Be Puttin' it Down.” Stamps' dad was a DJ so it's easy to see why she picked up the mic at 8-years-old and hasn't put it down since. OC is all the better for it.

4. Noel
Costa Mesa
Noel Brooks is a double-threat. She's a legit singer with R&B soul and has been sharpening her rhymes delivering doses of both on tracks like “Wake Up.”

Brooks' twin talents are matched by a lyrical depth, especially on the introspective “I'll Be Sober.” You can catch her performing live in-and-around downtown Santa Ana whether it be at Bistro 400 or Original Mike's.

3. Blu3 Dymond
Santa Ana
A Samoan SanTanera, Blu3 Dymond shines. She's building a following through ManuScript Island Records.

Blu3 Dymond's contributions to the Rest in Peace EP features a stand-out track dedicated to her grandmother who raised her and recently passed on at the age of 100! Yeah, you read that right. Blu3 Dymond's Polynesian roots run deep!

2. Vally Vicious
Vally Vicious started the New Year right maturing in her music with the release of Between Takes. The Weekly profiled the artist in our Spare Notes feature and brings her back for this rundown of femcees in OC.

Armed with a penchant for wordplay, Vally Vicious is at her best when cleverly turning a phrase. This pint-sized rhymer packs a lyrical punch.

1. Miss Char
La Habra
Miss Char doesn't have any music videos–or “visuals” as the kids call them these days–but word of mouth is spreading about her undeniably smooth flow with her SoundCloud offerings tallying up thousands of listens.

The La Habra-based hip-hop head is an alumni of the Cypher Effect and commands an audience with ease. “I don't do this for the fuck of it / I do this for the love of it,” Miss Char opens up on “Setbacks” with. Catch her doing her thing and that statement is more than evident.

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