The Stupidest Voters in Orange County…

…live in SanTana. Measure D, the ballot measure funded by developers which claimed it would weaken their own grip on City Hall, passed by a 54-46 margin last night.

No excuses, SanTaneros: the lot of your are pendejos* who don't mind living under Papi Pulido and his band of conflict-of-influenza-infected City Council, don't bother to read your local papers (whether in English or espaƱol) to learn the truth behind robo-calls and idiot fliers, and don't even bother to vote. Consider the story of Roberto, whom I met at Taqueria de Anda on Fourth Street after leaving the morgue that was Pangea last night.

Roberto is a 24-year-old SanTana resident and American-born citizen. When I asked him about Measure D, Robert responded, “Yeah, I saw the Measure D posters around the city.”

Did you vote?


Why not?

“I don't vote.”

Why not?

“I just don't. I don't know about the issues.”

Why not?

(shrug of shoulders and a smirk)

Compare that with my beloved Anaheim, where voters ran out trustee/bigot Harald Martin out of office last summer and replaced him last night with the bright Jordan Brandman, a man whose only true fault is he probably views the position as a springboard for something higher in the future. Anaheim might not be as Mexican as SanTana, but we're getting there–and our Mexicans pay attention. Those in SanTana? You deserve the Aliso Viejo that's coming your way.

*Exception made for the folks who voted against Measure D. Keep fighting the good fight against vendido politicians.

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