The Snowballing Continues (NPR Edition)

Today on All Things Considered, reporter Howard Berkes picked up the Weekly's story on Michael Scott Kerr, the man behind the Snowball Express and who we've shown over the past week to be little more to be a schmuck: a negligent father, possessor of an child support arrest warrant in Arizona, and a resume-padding liar. Kerr, of course, denied it all–not to us, but to another blog, where he also dismissed us as “a local smut paper selling porno and the like.

Berkes verified everything we did, and discovered another doozy–turns out Kerr also lied about obtaining a degree from the University of Santa Barbara. When Berkes asked Kerr about it, Kerr put the blame on the Saywitz Company, his former employer. But a spokesperson for Saywitz told Berkes they merely posted what Kerr told them.

Kerr says he'll answer all questions after Monday, once the families of soldiers who gave their life for the War on Terror leave Orange County. Hopefully, Kerr will stop his snowballing as well.

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