The Slow Poisoner

Sunny, triumphant, rose-colored: none of these words describes San Francisco artist/musician/one-man-band the Slow Poisoner. What would you expect from a guy whose lyrical interests include sleeping sickness, creeping fungi and phantom visitations? The Slow Poisoner’s schtick involves standing alone onstage while strumming a wonky, tear-shaped guitar and kicking at a sleigh-bell-adorned drum. Equal parts Hitchcock, Art Killmer and Eddie Munster, the Slow Poisoner (née Andrew Goldfarb) plays a spooky blend of garage rock—picture a stripped-down version of the Black Lips, but with more charm. Did we mention he also pens an underground comic book about a Peter Lorre-looking character named Ogner Stump? Miss this guy at your own expense.

Tue., March 29, 8:30 p.m., 2011

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