Fly the Friendly Scythe? John Wayne Airport Carry-on Makes TSA List

A scythe in a carry-on bag at John Wayne Airport made the top 10 list of most unusual checkpoint finds in 2017 by the Transportation Security Administration.

“Blogger Bob” Burns has the agricultural hand tool, which can be converted into a sword-like weapon, at No. 5 on his list, sandwiched between No. 4 (Satan’s Pizza Cutter in a carry-on bag at Honolulu International Airport) and No. 6 (Lonely Throwing Star in a Las Vegas McCarran International Airport carry-on).

The same Sin City airport is represented at No. 2 as well (Replica Rifle Umbrella as a carry-on item). The only other repeating airport is Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport, with Grenade Art Thing #1 at No. 7 and Aggressive Odor Eater at No. 9. Both were in checked bags.

Topping the list is Festively Wrapped Narcotics in a checked bag at Los Angeles International Airport, although Blogger Bob does include as a bonus Grenade Art Thing #2 in an Albuquerque International Sunport carry-on.

Click here for the full list and an accompanying video.

After some nosing around on the webby webs, we did find the following:

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