The Rise and Fall of Anaheim Hills’ Wacky Pro-Trump/Anti-Hillary Christmas Display

For the past couple of months, a Christmas display at a Anaheim Hills home has attracted all sorts of online controversy and gawkers invading a quiet cul de sac. The display featured (behind a brick wall, of course): a large painting of Donald Trump by artist Maya Spielman with the hashtag #dealwithit; a Hillary Clinton mannequin in an orange jumpsuit in a jail cell with the marquee “LOCK HER UP”; a handmade “Blue Lives Matter” sign; and a dummy Trump (like mannequin dummy, not dummy dummy), shoving signs reading “Obamacare,” “Trans Pacific Partnership,” and “Clinton$” into a trashcan. It’s been up since November, with the homeowner adding the portrait of Trump on December 20, a day after the Electoral College secured his victory.

On Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, commenters have alternately praised the shrine, or condemned it as yet further proof Orange County is insane Republican territory—nevermind that Hillary grabbed OC, the first Democratic presidential candidate to win here since 1936. On Facebook, the homeowner who put up his Trump tribute claimed supporters have given him Christmas cards, messages of support, Santa hats reading “Make America Great Again” and even $10 for his light bill. But he declined requests for interview or comment via Facebook.

While he wouldn’t talk to us, a look at the homeowner’s Facebook page reveals the inspiration behind the display. On Dec. 9, he posted:

I apologize if this has offended any of you as that was not my intent. As we close in on the holidays and Christmas, daily, I take pause and think about the four families that will not have one of their loved ones home for Christmas this year. Of course I’m talking about the 4 deaths in Benghazi and the effect it has had in their families. Normally news of an event of that nature stirs my heart but fades quickly. This one for some reason has stuck with me for the better part of a year now.

I personally believe in and support the words on our Supreme Court Building in DC “equal justice under law” and feel that applies to 99.9% of us. Hilary being one of the few who not only gets away with her countless wrongdoings and lies, but now has the weight and blood on her hands of 4 Americans. I just don’t think that’s fair for her to get off unscathed where as you or I would be in prison.

So there you have it, that’s my reasoning and again I apologize if it offends you but I promise your level of offense is minuscule in comparison to the pain these 4 families are dealing with to this day.

Rather than vandalize the display, haters took to Yelp to attack the homeowner’s insurance business. But the guy (whose name we’re withholding to spare him further embarrassment—who says we don’t have a heart?) welcomed the love, writing on Facebook on Dec. 11 that his “Yelp exposure is up 2, 186%.”

Curiously enough, this Trumpbro started to take down the display shortly after the Weekly reached out. As of this article’s publication, two-thirds of the display is gone; only Trump’s portrait remains, illuminated at night with some strong spotlights.

Neighbors mostly didn’t like the display, but most wanted to remain anonymous. One man felt that it’s a Trump supporter’s way of telling those affected by this election that they “don’t matter.” Others said, “We don’t like it” and “It’s not good for the holidays.” Lisa told the Weekly “it doesn’t seem like much goodwill, no matter who you voted for.”

But resident “just” James, said, “It’s ok: it’s the president-elect.” And Uriel Altamann thought, “It’s a free country—everybody’s pretty much entitled to their own opinion. I think it’s funny—that’s the way I look at it.”

Good ol’ Anaheim Hills, the most underrated place in OC for crazy after Ladera Ranch…

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