The return of Foxy!

If you're looking for great rock N roll this Saturday night, you could do a whole lot worse (and really, you could, like that Guns N' Roses tribute creature at the HOB, or whatever it is at the Coach House that “features members of Yes”—gag) than the Foxy reunion at Cero's Bar in Anaheim (316 S. Euclid St., 714-317-3136;

Foxy was one of a jillion vastly underrated but totally kick-ass OC bands I came across during my seven-year stint as the Weekly's music editor, and to this day, their CDs (Foxy Por Vida, and an EP that I think had a picture of some tits on the cover) are still lovingly kept in my homebound collection. (That Lit album? Notsomuch.)

Foxy was chiefly Lisa “LP” Parker and Greg Antista's baby, and they were kind enough to allow the Weekly permission to stick two of their songs, “Sick Inside” and “Promises N Lies,” on our CD comps back when we were doing them. Amazing, liberating guitar-bass-drums music, and not a single dud tune in their repertoire. Here's something I wrote about 'em back in '01.

Also on the bill: Two other exceptional OC bands, All the Madmen and Boobie Trap. Only question is, why isn't this happening at the Doll Hut?

Oh, and don't get the OC Foxy confused with the Foxy that recorded the timeless disco anthem “Get Off.” Still, I just gotta post this clip:

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