The Police Department Nabokov

•One “Beginner's Bondage Kit”
•Four adult commercial pornography videos
•One box containing: Condoms, lube, dildos (several)
•Vibrators (several)
•One “butterfly” exterior vibrator
•One “Video-World” pornographic magazine
•One hanging adjustable sex harness/swing

The aforementioned items were confiscated from Frank Ricci's Lake Forest home on Sept. 8, 2004. Ricci, an LAPD officer, was arrested for allegedly engaging in lewd and lascivious contact with a 15-year-old girl who sometimes called him “Uncle Frankie.”

The girl was also the daughter of one of Ricci's closest friends, so close that she would often stay at Ricci's house while the friend was away during the day. According to the Sheriff's Department, in testimony given at Ricci's preliminary hearing Dec. 12, 2005, it was during one of these visits that Uncle Frankie began asking the girl about her boyfriend, whether she had ever had an orgasm and if he could assist the girl in achieving one.

Prosecutors say Ricci then handed the girl a vibrator called a “butterfly clip”—so-called for its wings, leg straps and hand-held control—to assist her in reaching her goal. Ricci directed the girl to use the item in the bathroom so he could hear the progress of the activity. The girl claims she did not use the butterfly, but turned it on and placed it on the floor, hoping the vibrations would fool Ricci, seated outside the door.

When she exited the bathroom Ricci informed her that he was “very excited,” mentioned she had “nice boobs,” and added that he was only 14 years older than she. He then, according to prosecutors, entered the bathroom and masturbated. After he finished, Ricci allegedly asked the girl to wash off the vibrator n the bathroom sink and then inquired what she knew about the “G-spot,” offering his assistance in finding hers.

According to the testimony from the hearing, Ricci then led the girl into the living room, where she remarked that she felt “very uncomfortable.” Ricci offered to place his hands in her pants to calm her. He also suggested that the young girl face the wall while he positioned the butterfly to hit her G-spot, because facing the wall might help put her mind at ease. As Ricci was adjusting the speed of his toy and reaching toward the girl, his roommate pulled into the driveway, halting the day's lesson.

The police search of Ricci's home found the aforementioned items, which were then confiscated. Ricci, who has been on paid leave from the LAPD since his arrest, is scheduled to go to trial Feb. 20 in Orange County Superior Court. Whether guilty or not, police say, Ricci can reclaim his items when the trial ends. If the items are not claimed within 30 days, they will be incinerated.

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