The Orwells

Teen punk group The Orwells barely had time to catch their caps in the air at their high school graduation when they departed for a worldwide tour to promote their 2014 release Disgraceland. Now the band, known for their wild, fierce performances and lead singer Mario Cuomo's rambunctious on-stage antics, are back in the workroom devising new lyrics and material for the next album, which guitarist Matt O'Keefe describes as wanting to “bring out some truth about this generation.” Sounds serious, but knowing this Chicago quintet they'll imbue any perspectives with the same frenetic energy and noisy brashness that made them popular in the first place. For a band just out of high school, these guys perform like they've been in the spotlight for many years— but see for yourself tonight at the Constellation Room.

Mon., April 13, 8 p.m., 2015

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