The Orange County Interwebs Horror Show Goes Downhill Fast

Have you ever seen the YouTube videos of the annual Big Wheel races down Lombard Street in San Francisco? Adults in costumes get behind the handlebars of the kiddie scoot-scoots before putting their lives at risk on one of the world's most-windy streets. No wonder the sacrificial ritual is held around Easter. Those videos came to mind while taking in the photo that starts our weekly look at things written about and from OC on the Interwebs, after the jump . . .

Wheely Big Show The Talega Halloween Slide Jam promised “an eclectic mix of big name riders and free agents–some hailing from as far as the Philippines–on “a world-class course” in San Clemente, enthuses a skate blogger. And the steep-and-speed freaks believed a police helicopter shining a helpful spotlight on the riders as darkness fell was sort of an official sanction of the event. But about 40 minutes later, up the hill walked three sheriff's deputies with flashlights. “Do you know how much money it costs to put a chopper in the air?” asked a deputy. “We honestly thought you were just helping us out with light,” a skater replied. Fumes the blogger: “Due to a stupid law in San Clemente the event was shut down by the 5-0. pparently, due to the powers of darkness, you are not allowed to skateboard at night in the city of San Clemente.” The blogger does add the “cops were nice about it and let us pack up and leave, with no citations.” (adrenaline-fueled)

Hot Topic “Horsieluver” and her friend are 16,
coming to San Clemente and apparently on the prowl. They want to know
about guys there. “Are they shy or …? Also, will
guys hook up with you? Just on a make-out level, nothing further.” One
responder cuts to the chase: “Guys will hook up with you if you're hot.
Don't be a teaser. That's not cool.” Sounds like he may have been at the Talega jam. (Answers.Yahoo)

Dressed for Distress This one is wild: Omar politely asked where in the Los Angeles area he can find a store with burqas/nikaab. He needed one ASAP–and certainly was not expecting the response he received. “Dear Omar,” writes Nabil, “I hope you take this message with a good understanding. I think this burqa dress and niqab is an embarrassment to Islam and Arabs. Islam is full great ideas, and not to have women in chains. If you want any of your family to wear burqa go to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and stay there. I hope you do not find the store that sells this [sic] stupid clothes. Enough you made enough harm to Muslims and Arabs.” Omar shot back that Nabil should not impose his beliefs on others, that the type of dress he seeks has religious and cultural significance and the digs at Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan are “a little bit over the edge.” Omar got back up from Alan (“Nabil, you're an idiot–seriously”) and Said (“Please don't be upset, but I think people with such mentality like yourself are the ones who would fit best in such countries in which you have kindly mentioned”). (NAAP)

Under where? Ayisha A. found the Halal food at DJ
Indian Chinese Restaurant in Fountain Valley great, but she wants the opinions of others. Cello “Sweet Loaf” Z. provides a response that is neither sweet nor loafy: “Sounds like liquid shorts at 3 a.m.” (Yelp)

Your Friends and Neighbors Ah, Orange County! The sun, the surf, the hairs of blue: What's not to love? Nothing, which is why so many flock here, including your friendly neighborhood drug addicts trying to kick. “Though relocation alone
does not ensure sobriety, geographical distance can provide insulation
from situations and environments that are likely to trigger cravings in a
newly sober addict,” say the experts. “For this reason choosing a treatment center far
from home can be a wise idea. When it is decided that a change of
scenery would be prudent, addicts and their families often select an
Orange County drug rehab.” Wonder if the visitors and convention bureaus can work that into their slick brochures? (Safe Harbor House)

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