The Orange County Interwebs Horror Show E! News Daily Insider Extra Entertainment Tonight Edition

Went to write this week's collection of things written about and/or from Orange County on the Interwebs, and an episode of Entertainment Tonight broke out. The following batch includes celebrities and TV characters crossing our real estate before ending with La Habra's very own tabloid queen.

My Invitation is Probably in the Mail One wag reports, “Leave It To Beaver star
Jerry Mathers is getting married at the sweet age of 62. He's ready to
tie the knot with his girlfriend of five years, Teresa Modnick. Jerry's
sister introduced them and it looks like she's quite the matchmaker! The upcoming wedding is set for January at the Waterfront Beach Resort
in Huntington Beach.” That is, the nuptials are set for January
unless Eddie Haskell mucks it all up. (Backseat Cuddler)

More From TV Land A netizen wants to know how far
Santa Ana is from tourist hotspots: “I was wondering, how far to
the ocean is it and how far from Beverly Hills, Malibu, etc.? I am
just a good ol' country gal and I want to make the most of my trip and
spend minimal amount of $$$$. I will be there 5 days and 4 nights. Any
suggestions?” Take it away, Chieromancer: “You goin' to Beverly Hills to
look for your Clampett kin? Or the swimmin' pools and movie stars?
Mal-ee-boo is a fer piece from lil' ol' Santer Anner, honeychile! Yer in
for a heap of that there traffic. And it's illegal to put Granny in her
rocking chair in the back of yer good ol' pickup truck. Keep an eye
peel for them Smokies! Better to stay close to yer cement pond. That ol'
ocean is bigger than the en-tire state of Texas, y'all!” (Santa Barbara Solutions)

Illustration by Jay Brockman

Dream Team Soupkitchen wonders, ” Who would [Sarah] Palin's vice-presidential
candidate be?” Mike Huckabee, Michele Bachmann, Bobby “Jihad” Jindal, the Joes
(Miller and The Plumber), Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are tossed out as possibles before the responder wistfully thinks of an Orange
County figure: “Damn, if only Orly Taitz had a birth certificate.” Damn, indeed. (Democratic Underground)

Octomom, Part 1 It only took Nadya Suleman a year to go from unknown single mother of six to one of the “Top 10 Celebrity Neighbors from Hell,” according to this list which places the La Habra resident at No. 9: “The Californian single mom was . . . voted the worst neighbor for 2010
by real estate website Zillow, with more than 17 percent of a surveyed
2,000 people saying that she would be the worst neighbor imaginable.
Some of her real neighbors would probably agree with the survey's
results: aside from the droves of paparazzi that have besieged Suleman's
street, one neighbor said of her: 'The woman is completely nuts. She
thinks she's famous. She doesn't know that people are laughing at her,
that she's a freak.' Another added: 'I really can't believe anyone can
be that screwed up in the head.'” (Sugar Slam)

Octomom, Part Deux Suleman is big on cosmetic surgery sites and those that discuss such procedures. They invariably mention Octomom's “morphing” into Angelina Jolie. Writes one: “According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony
Youn, the similarities between Nadya and Angelina are uncanny, their
brows are almost identical, and they both have nice smooth foreheads.
Youn, who obviously has not treated Suleman, said the megamom appears to
have undergone surgical procedures, including lip augmentation and
rhinoplasty, which make her resemble Jolie. The similarities are more
than skin deep. Both Suleman and Jolie are 33. Both are raising large
broods of children (Angie's is only up to six, but she says it's still
growing.)” Ah, but at least Angie hasn't begged for money on Oprah. Yet. (Ynotshare)

Octomom 3-D Khai asks, “How much money does Nadya Suleman get on welfare?”
No one has answered yet, and hopefully Khai isn't looking at you-know-who for career inspiration. (Answer Me Fast)

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