The New University on the Yogurtland and Golden Spoon Battle

Leave it up to my alma mater's paper, The New University, to do front line reporting on the frozen yogurt battle raging across the street from the school.

When the gauntlet was dropped on September 26th — that's when the University Town Center outlet of Yogurtland opened yards away from Golden Spoon — they were there, interviewing the two sides.

One has been a fixture at the University Town Center since 1987. The other, the upstart, is part of the empire that has so far managed to hold off Pinkberry and others.

Both serve frozen yogurt and each purports itself to be a healthy alternative to ice cream. Although one does it the old fashioned way, served from behind the counter. While the other leaves it to you and prices by weight.

This is a war that will undoubtedly incur many casualties: waist lines, money from parents; but judging from what the owner of Golden Spoon has to say, his shop won't be one of them.

I'll let The New University's Kristian Cloyd to tell you the rest of the story.

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