The New Limb Get Sponsored By Etnies, Start Podcast, Talk About Random Stuff

Those aching for an update on Costa Mesa's the New Limb are in for some excitement. 

Just a  month or so after releasing their debut album Sounds People Can Hear and being named OC Music Awards Best Indie Band of 2010, TNL's artful pop hooks have grabbed the attention of Etnies. The Lake Forest-based skate shoe company-turned-action-sports giant recently added the band to their roster of sponsored artists. It includes a mixture of graphic artists and bands featuring big names like the DJ duo Flosstradamus, the Deftones and the Vandals.

We're not sure yet whether TNL's music is ideal for barreling down a half-pipe or back flipping on a BMX bike (maybe we should try it out) but this can only be a good move for the band's exposure, so we're interested in seeing where this sponsorship takes them. You can catch them playing at a summer Active/Etnies event open to the public at the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach on June 10. More details are coming, so we'll keep you posted.

The band has also officially entered the wonderful world of podcasting. As of yesterday, the band will be doing a podcast every Wednesday, available on their website. Check out last week's show below. One thing we'd like to commend them on is how many random tangents they were able to string together in order to create a 19 minute show full of wit, unshakable charisma, “hard-hitting” news and theories on how eating pickles may effect you dreams. Yes, pickles. 

Those looking for a weekly dose of “New Limb News” (that's the band's phrase, not ours) should get something out of this semi-informational audio offering. If nothing else, you're sure to walk away with a whole new respect for radio DJs.
New Limb Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1

Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 by The New Limb Podcast

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