The New Hamburglar Feels the Wrath of Twitter

You're really gonna want to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” on this one, because yesterday McDonald's revealed that one of their M.I.A. mascot's, the Hamburglar, received a makeover. And damn, what a makeover it is! The jury is apparently still out on whether he's sporting Nike Flystepper's or Air Yeezys (we see you 'Burglar!) but either way, we don't care. We're co-signing with Mickey D's choice because this new Hamburglar is certainly a sexy improvement.

Of course social media wasn't silent about voicing their opinions either and exploded when the pic of this steamy beefcake burglar hit the web. When it did, we focused our attention towards some funny mofos to provide a bit of entertainment and what we found was a mixed bag when it came to this thief of beef. While 2015 Hamburglar was busy stealing hearts, others were hating on his new hipster-ish look. Love it, leave it, or who gives a fuck either way, Twitter burned up the trending topic and since we figured everyone could use an almost the end of the week laugh, we grabbed some of our favorites.


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