The Naugles Pop-Up Was Even Awesomer Than Expected–And More to Come

See our slideshow of the Naugles pop up event right here!

This past Saturday, somewhere deep in Fountain Valley, a mysterious consortium of people brought back from the dead Naugles, the legendary Mexican fast-food chain absorbed by Del Taco in the 1990s and whose mere mention brings back nostalgic hunger pangs for a certain generation of Southern Californians. The pop-up was supposed to start at one in the afternoon, but there was already a line by 12:30, a line that would increase as the hours went on.


The event was invite-only and capped at 50 people, with a waiting list of over 600 inspired by a post I did a couple of weeks ago announcing the pop-up. The lucky ones paid $25 a piece to pick two items from a five-item menu: A bean burrito, a beef burrito, a combo burrito (bean-and-beef), a bean-and-cheese cup, and a combo cup. While the offerings might seem spartan, it didn't stop people from gorging away and asking the organizers when the next one will happen–and there just might be more items to come.

I would write more at the moment, but I'm working on a cover story about Naugles' comeback to publish before the year ends. We'll have a slide show soon enough. In the meanwhile…DROOL!!!

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