The Most Vile Commentator in Orange County…

Isn't the anonymous sap taking a beating over his defense of Diocese of Orange statutory rapists but another anonymous coward: ocman18, one of the Orange County Register's many nuts. Yesterday, ocman18 left a cryptic remark on a tragic story involving a Korean woman who was mugged by some Latina pendeja:

Hopefully the media will give this case more attention then other cases of late where the so called victim added to their own demise. This lady is a true victim.

What was he referring to? The horrible murder of Arthur Carmona. On the Reg's Carmona coverage, ocman18 left something so insensitive that it's no longer there. I wish I wrote it down, but instead, we only have its memory in someone else's thoughtful critique:


Progress…not perfection. We all have our demons.

Many other commentators also rightfully tore the idiot a new one. Hey ocman18: you're such a big boy in the Reg's echo chamber–howzabout paying our readers a visit sometime, eh?

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