The Most Disturbing Fliers in the World

Supporters of SanTana Mayor Papi Pulido claim he's the last line of defense before one of the most-Latino cities in the United States (and the largest with an all-Latino city council) finally becomes Mexico. But if the fliers that reached SanTana voter mailboxes over the weekend are any indications, the city is heading in a new, disturbing direction: political cheapness.

Take a look at the fliers presented here, for the city's ridiculous Measure D ballot initiative. Notice the lame graphics? The implausible scenario? The fat cat stereotype? The railings against special interests, railings we already debunked? Nearly $100,000 in donations and the best argument Papi Pulido and his pals can buy is a FREAKIN' moat?! The last time a Latino politician resorted to such lame tactics was in South Gate, when Albert Robles made the working-class Los Angeles suburb his own fiefdom. The worst part about this? The firm listed as being behind the fliers, Kaufman Downing, was one of the ethical heavyweights behind Robles' recall. Those who forget the past, huh?

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