The Michelada VW Bus Is as Awesome as It Sounds

So I got married over the weekend, an epic street party in downtown SanTana. Lot of food, lot of family, lot of fun–but the undisputed life of the veritable you-know-what was the MicheMobil, a repurposed VW van that serves micheladas on tap.

Let that register in your alchohol-wanting liver again: An immaculate Kombi. With taps. That serves micheladas, those Mexican beer cocktails that find cerveza spiked with a chingo of stuff that's entering the mainstream.



The MicheMobil is the brainchild of the Lopez siblings of Guelaguetza fame, specifically Fernando. It's only been in operation for a couple of months, and though I don't drink beer, I needed to have the MicheMobil for all my thirsty primos.

And oh, how they drank. Lines formed for the micheladas, prepared with the Lopez's special michelada mix. A television broadcast some desmadre or other; part of the package is a DJ, which we didn't use because we had Richard Blade on the 1s and 2s. Judging by all the drunk primos double-fisting micheladas and even taking bottles of the mix for themselves (Fernando and Bricia; let me know if they stole them, and I'll pay for those pendejos on my invoice if they did), the MicheMobil was a smash.

As the summer continues, THIS is what your fiesta is missing. Visit I Love Micheladas for catering info, and go get borracho!

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