The Mexican invades . . . Signal Hill?

The Costco in Signal Hill, to be exact, as you can tell by that big yellow stack of books in the middle of this crappy camera phone pic. That, of course, is a pile of Gustavo Arellano's fresh new tome Orange County: A Personal History, going for a super-cheap price of $14.99. Oddly, Signal Hill isn't in Orange County, but firmly landlocked in LA County, surrounded entirely by Long Beach. Oddlier, yesterday I was at the La Habra Costco (it's been a big Costco weekend for me), and true to the mega-warehouse chain's often maddening policy of only offering certain items at certain stores and not others, there wasn't a single copy for sale anywhere. Helloooo, Costco book buyers! Rumor hazzit that La Habra may be home to a Mexican or three…

Gustavo in Costco! What's next — Oprah's Book Club?

Ahhh, but with such choice retail placement comes a price. Notice that dark blob to the left of Gustavo's book? That would be a pile of the quickie Sarah Palin paperback bio. Even better — that other dark pile to the right of Gustavo's book? You got it — Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life.

Hey, Gustavo . . . can I have my free copy now?

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