The Melvins

At this point, pretty much nothing can stop the Melvins—in fact, lost albums are now bursting back out of the past to make the Melvins of 2016 seem even more unstoppable. Case in point: next month, Sub Pop will be issuing the Mike and the Melvins collab with godheadSilo, lost sometime around 1999 and just recovered recently. And further evidence: the Melvins’ coming Basses Loaded, which rotates six different bassists between the Melvins’ Buzzo and Dale. (It’s Steve from Redd Kross, Jeff from Butthole Surfers, Jared from Big Business, Trevor from Mr. Bungle, Krist from Nirvana and Dale, from the Melvins, but on bass and not drums.) So at this point, there’s also kind of no way to know what to expect from the Melvins at this show—but that’s also why they’re still around, isn’t it?

Wed., March 23, 9 p.m., 2016
(Expired: 03/23/16)

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