The Melt, A Grilled Cheese Restaurant, Opens At The Irvine Spectrum Next Week; For Now, Their Food Truck Is There

As we said several months ago, a San Francisco-based grilled cheese chain called The Melt was getting ready to open at Irvine Spectrum, behind the Dave N Busters, next to Panda Express, replacing CrepeMaker.

The restaurant will open next week, but this week the chain has brought in its own food truck and parked it there to get people acquainted with its grilled cheese. On October 11, they will apparently be offering a Facebook Free Day, which I can only imagine involves you doing something on their Facebook for free food, not what I initially thought it meant (no Facebook for a day).


The Melt already has a slew of outlets in California, including about a half dozen locations in LA, serving simple grilled cheese with tomato soup to something as complex as a “Thanksgiving” grilled cheese with cheddar, carved turkey, “fixins” on sourdough and a sweet corn tortilla soup on the side.

It was founded by Flip Video founder Jonathan Kaplan and boasts a board of directors that includes a former head of retail operations at Apple and Michael Mina, the James Beard award winning chef and restauranteur.

Its hook is a novel system where you can place your orders through your phone or computer, then see where you are in line on an electronic order board at the store.

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