The Marketplace In San Clemente Is South County’s Best Li’l Indie Market

Located in a tiny isolated neighborhood by the sea, the Marketplace is San Clemente’s best-kept secret. When it was known as the Yurt, it held special art shows, classes and small-business bazaars that allowed local vendors and artisans to showcase their merch swap-meet style on the sidewalk. Now with a new name, the Marketplace continues its monthly markets every second Sunday of the month. And its spring kickoff promises to be a full-blown party, complete with food, music and drinks. Here’s a roll call, then, of some of the better vendors scheduled to appear:

THE PRETTY CULT. Among OC’s holistic, witchy vendors, the Pretty Cult sells occult-inspired clothing. They have a series of flannel shirts featuring a different tarot patch emblazoned on the back, as well as slick jackets and shorts that exude a grungy, Goth-y cool.

THE BEARDED KITTY. Living up to its memorable name, the Bearded Kitty offers some ravishing clutch purses, wallets, belts, camera straps and other accessories with gorgeous illustrations and designs grafted onto the fine leather. It makes custom orders as well.

AHART4ART. Kim Gonzalez creates fantastic, aromatherapy-diffuser jewelry that both looks lovely around your neck or wrist and releases soothing, refreshing fragrances from essential oils wherever you go. Gonzalez also offers handmade handbags with such charming embellishments as decorative clasps and embroidered fabric.

BRODINO BONE BROTH. I find bone broth to be quite yummy, and to know it’s extremely healthy is a major plus. Brodino Bone Broth Co. wants to take it to the next level by offering medicinal broth that includes ingredients such as organic turmeric root, fennel seeds, organic apple-cider vinegar, mushrooms and organic chicken backs. Good for your diet, health and wallet—and bottled right in Laguna Niguel!

March Market at the Marketplace in San Clemente, 201 Calle de los Molinos, San Clemente; Sun., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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