The Many Roles Played by Singer/Songwriter Alexx Calise

We gravitate towards characters that are fascinating, different, and even a little rebellious. That goodie two-shoes hero is not always the one who steals the show—they’re actually pretty dull in all reality. Singer/songwriter, Alexx Calise, plays many roles in life and doesn’t always follow society’s rules in the meantime. She’s bold, ambitious, and wears her heart on her rock-rooted sleeves.

Calise’s music has made appearances on a large variety of reality TV shows such as Dance Moms, Last Call with Carson Daily, The Voice, NY Ink, Tough Love, and One Tree Hill to name a few. While you may assume she fills her busy schedule with all of her tunes, Calise actually dedicates a chunk her time to acting too as she has made appearances in Disney’s Science of Engineering DVD series, and Discovery Channel’s The Science of Sex Appeal. She additionally owns her own business that specializes in children’s costumes and parties—how randomly awesome is that?!

While this self-proclaimed existential, introspective, and paradoxical singer calls LA her home base, she also makes many appearances in The OC as she frequents popular venues like the Wayfarer, and has even played The OC Fair. But if you aren’t able to catch her live, you will be able to see her performing on an upcoming episode of Dance Moms, the show that she enthusiastically claims brought her career its largest level of success to date. This includes 3 million hits on YouTube for her song “Cry”. Beyond that, one of her favorite roles in life is being Alexx—without compromises.

On following in her father’s musical footsteps

AC: I think it’s truly special that I got to grow up in such a musical household because when I was a kid, my parents would play anything from Tchaikovsky to Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, or the Rolling Stones. My dad and I have played shows together, and that was super special. He subbed out on bass for me a few times—how many people get to say that they got to jam out on stage with their dad? That’s so cool, right? I’m so grateful for that. It was so inspiring to grow up in my household.

The “Dude! This is going to be my best song ever!” that actually turned out be pretty damn good.

Whenever I write something I’m always like, “Dude! This is going to be my best song ever!” That being said, I guess one of my show stopping songs that people have really grabbed on to and I have also really dug is “Morning Pill.” I wrote it when I was 16, and it still holds up. Is it the most commercially viable song, no, but it’s very emotive and passionate. It’s my favorite song to perform because I just let go. It’s almost like an out of body experience every time I perform that one honestly.

You can’t force a spark (of inspiration)

Sometimes the heavens just open up or whatever you want to call it and it just comes to you. It just strikes you like a bolt of lightning. However, most recently, I’ve taken on a whole new thing that requires constant creative energy, whether I’m feeling it or not. I’ve been writing tons of songs for commercials and films with my songwriting partner, Dennis Morehouse. When I have to write something for a lead that comes in, I have to channel certain emotions and feelings I’ve felt in the past sometimes to draw inspiration.

Her (many) career endeavors

I have a lot of business endeavors. I feel like I have ADD or something. I’ve had a children’s party company for the past seven years. It’s super fun. I started it with three costumes and $300. Now, we have over 100 costumes and we have 22 staff members. We do princess parties, clown parties—you name it! We’ve brought in stilt walkers, fire breathers, and henna tattoo artists; we’ll do anything you can think of. If you’re down to party—we’re down to party with you I guess you can say (laughs). We’ve been on The Ellen Show and David Tutera’s Celebrations. I also act—I do a little bit of everything. I don’t sleep very much. In the same regard, I feel like the moment I stop working is the moment it’ll all go away.

On the millennial generation and the current artistic renaissance

I don’t see how people in this day and age can be bored. There are so many things out there. The beauty about how everything is now is that everyone is turning to freelance work. There isn’t any job security anymore. While that is scary, you also get to be your own boss and take the power out of the hands of the employer. There are so many entrepreneurs coming out and small businesses on the rise—it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a new-age creative renaissance if you will.

She’s an innovator that stands out from the musical pack

At the end of the day, I do what I want to do. Of course, I like to think that literally and figuratively that my voice is different. I like to say what I like to say, if you like it great, and if you don’t, that’s fine too. I think that is something that is really missing in the industry right now. I can’t hang with someone telling me what I’m supposed to say—I know where I stand and what I want to say. I also produce my own music.

“Those few precious moments are everything”

I leave my heart on the floor every time I write a song and every time I play live. It’s all that I am and all that I know how to do. Everything in the world can be going wrong with my life, but for those few precious moments on stage or while I’m writing a song, everything feels right. Those few precious moments are everything. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I get emotional.

To every 14-year-old girl picking up a guitar and hitting the scene

Just keep practicing and turn off the Kardashians. Put down your damn phone, experience life, and work hard. Don’t play into the typical stereotype of the vapid millennial—if you want something, go for it. Read a book. Take a walk outside. Life is good; experience it.

What’s next?

I will be playing live on an upcoming episode of Dance Moms—which I’ve had about 9 songs on. That’s all I’m able to say!

My other band, Sound of Cancer with Dennis Morehouse, will also be releasing a new covers EP, which is coming out right after that. And I’ll be drinking a lot of Diet Coke to make up for my lack of sleep.

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