The Maine Sells Out Two Shows at Chain Reaction

Pop-punk band The Maine are from Tempe, Arizona, the same 40-square mile city where I spent pretty much my entire life (give or take) other than the last few months.

So it's with a good deal of hometown pride that I talk about their two sold-out shows at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, tonight and tomorrow afternoon (it's an early shoe, starting at 4 p.m.). I'll admit, I never checked them out back home–their music isn't really for me, which is fine, I'm definitely not their target demographic–but it's cool to see them making such an impact. Their debut album, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, came out over the summer, and they released an EP of Christmas songs, …And a Happy New Year, earlier this month.

But hopefully this doesn't get you too excited, because, y'know, both shows are still totally sold out.

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