The Lovely Bad Things

Let’s not say La Mirada’s Pixies-punkers Lovely Bad Things are back, because they never really went away—they just had to slow down for a second. But don't you worry because they’ve got big things ahead. Out now is a teaser for those big things: their new single “Space Waste” / “Always Lazy,” which is two songs of Lovely Bad Things in their purest and most powerful form. They’ve still got those Dinosaur Jr-style pretty/crazy guitar explosions, documented with at least 50% more crazy in the middle of “Always Lazy,” but there’s a Pinkerton-ian command of melody and imagination in these songs, too. (And of course that’s by far the best Weezer album, isn’t it?) If there’s still rock ‘n’ roll radio in the real world, this is exactly what needs to be leading off every weekend.

Thu., July 2, 8 p.m., 2015

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