The Lost Bean Coffeehouse Expands

The Lost Bean, Tustin's “organic” coffee house, the one I described as so organic it actually offers “organic water”, is expanding. No, it hasn't gone Starbucks. It is growing, appropriately enough, rather organically by taking up the space next door previously occupied by Sugar Press.

I spoke to owner Bodie Rasmussen over the phone to get the details on
the plans and for now they're still in the blueprint stage. But by the
end of August and if all goes well, Rasmussen hopes to get things
finished. He's going to cut an archway between the current coffee shop
and the empty space, into which he's moving his roasting facility so
that it's on site.

He's careful to point out that he isn't going to the destroy the general
layout of the coffeeshop as it stands, but adds that the extra space
will allow them to experiment with different coffee extraction methods
and a second point of sale counter.

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