The Lime Truck's Jason Quinn To Teach Burger Cooking Class at Sur La Table This Saturday

My, how far Jason Quinn has come in a year. Around this time last summer (well, actually closer to June), he and partner Daniel Shemtob bought a used truck from a failed luxe lonchera (Brooklyn Boys, if you must know), painted it green and called it “The Lime Truck.” It could be said that when they rolled out that day, Quinn, himself, was green.

**Warning: SPOILERS on The Great Food Truck Race ahead.**

Now a year later, the 25-year-old Quinn has two trucks, competed in the second season
Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race where they were finalists, got
sued by a Florida Mexican food chain that didn't like that “Lime” part
in their name
, and announced that he's developing a
brick-and-mortar burger stand in Santa Ana called Playground.

And then there's this: This Saturday, June 30th, Chef Quinn will be
doing a gourmet burger cooking class at Sur La Table in Newport Beach.
No, it is not a free class. The admission fee is $69 per person for
two hours with Quinn as he shows how you to cook the following burgers:

Harissa Lamb Burger with Feta Cream
Curry Chicken Burger with Green
Papaya Slaw
Blue Cheese Burger with Cranberry Walnut Compote
Bean, Brown Rice and Roasted Beet Patty

Reservations and more information can be found here.

I could say his rise is meteoric, but meteors follow a straight, predictable trajectory: Quinn's career seems anything but.

Now the question remains: what will be hearing about Quinn this time next year?

Read our interview with Jason Quinn last year here, here and here.

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