The Laughable Racial Double Standards of Kris Murray, Anaheim Council-Pendeja

Anaheim City Councilwoman Kris Murray is one of those hilarious Republicans who insist we live in a color-blind society, who rail at people who bring up race as Aztlanistas and political opportunists–and who turn around and do the same thing when politically convenient and decry any criticism as racism.

Take a recent move by Murray that switched out her delegates on an Anaheim advisory committee to determine whether the city should have district elections for city council. Murray has been downright contemptuous of the idea of district elections, claiming the idea reeks of racialism. So what did Murray recently do?

She brought on the racialism, baby.


One of the people she appointed was Sandy Day, who has publicly gone on record as not only being against district elections, but also against being the Latina that she is. “It breaks my heart that today is a day when so much emphasis is placed on skin color,” she told the Anaheim City Council last year.

So what did Murray do? In a press release that appeared solely on the blog of favored Republican hack (and apologist for pedo-priest protectors) Matt Cunningham, Murray made sure to note that Day is “a resident of Latin American descent.”

“Latin American descent”? What the hell is this–United Nations Day during the 1950s? But Murray did this to not only shield herself against accusations of racism, but also to show that Latinos are against district representation, so therefore, no one else should be, either.

When the Dems do it, it's polarizing; when Murray does it, it's American democracy. My, is my beloved hometown fucked up right now. . . .

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