The Last Shadow Puppets Swooned The Observatory Crowd in Santa Ana

The Last Shadow Puppets
The Observatory

“Santa Ana, you're so beautiful,” says modern crooner and millennial sex symbol Alex Turner with a British drawl and confidence that makes you wonder if he tells every city he tours that. “I don't want to leave ya,” he continues with the smooth compliments as The Observatory crowd cheers and applauds so loudly one can barely hear their own voice. 

Last night's crowd of young, hip and well-dressed youngsters stuffed The Observatory's indoor amphitheater on a warm August night with great anticipation for the Brit-rock duo consisting of Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame and Miles Kane of Miles Kane fame. And for the record—in an effort to dispel the negative online commentary about the venue lacking air conditioning—The Observatory DOES have their AC blasting, it's just mostly in the pit area and perhaps even the strongest of air conditioning systems can't cool off a venue sold out to capacity, yet I digress. 

Aside from the flattering comments Turner made about Santa Ana and even one incomprehensible reference to the Santa Ana winds—Turner is quite the mumbler—The Last Shadow Puppets charmed The Observatory with their brand of sexy baroque rock that makes one feel like they're in the 60's, dressed like a mod, and strolling through the streets of London.

Turner and Kane's Elvis style pelvic thrusts while stroking their guitars also revved up the hormone filled crowd of teenagers and 20-something-year-olds. High pitched screams filled the venue so much that you would think the Beatles were in town and this was 1964. 

Throughout the set the stylish duo would jump atop the massive speakers on each side of the stage to closely interact with screaming fans by hi-fiving them and Turner even wore one lucky gal's sunglasses—which undoubtedly made the young woman's night as he returned them, sweetly looked her in the eye, and thanked her in his deep British accent. 

The enamored crowd recited every lyric and couldn't contain their cheers while a sea of cellphones captured the band's every move—one guy was even more focused on recording the show while his girlfriend tried making out with him, now that's dedication and perhaps telling of our generation's shameless priorities. 

A four piece all female orchestra accompanied Kane and Turner along with a bass player, keyboardist, and a drummer. Dave Catching from desert psych rock band Earthlings and a touring member of Eagles of Death Metal joined the Puppets to close out the night with a cover of David Bowie's “Moonage Daydream”. 

In true Last Shadow Puppets fashion, Turner and Kane said goodbye to their loving crowd by shredding their guitars in a lengthy, dramatic and orchestral ending—they rocked and swooned The Observatory so hard, it felt like we all needed a cigarette after. 

The Setlist:

1. Used to Be My Girl
2. The Age of The Understatement
3. Only The Truth
4. Dracula Teeth
5. The Element of Surprise
6. Aviation
7. My Mistakes Were Made For You
8. The Bourne Identity
9. Bad Habits
10. Totally Wired (The Fall cover)
11. Miracle Aligner
12. Pattern
13. The Dream Synopsis
14. Meeting Place
15. In My Room


16. Sweet Dreams, TN
17. Standing Next to Me
18. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover with Dave Catching) 

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