The Lady G Cognac Whipstitch Purse by AnnaBis: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: Lady G Cognac Whipstitch Purse by Annabis
Price: $245
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There's honestly nothing worse than walking into a meeting or a posh dinner party with joints in your bag or pocket and stinking up the entire room. Although the stoner stigma is finally starting to concede, it's only really changing in terms of public acceptance. For people over the age of 60 who grew up within the death grips of Reefer Madness, the stigma is a part of their chemical makeup. And because we're all probably related to people whose mentality dates them more than their actual age, the closet-stoner will continue to exist.

Thankfully we've entered an era where stealth and style have a symbiotic relationship. AnnaBis— French for cannabis, pronounced with a silent “S”— is at the forefront of this style-forward aroma-blocking trend. From premium leather cross-body bags, to backpacks, to wristlets AnnaBis is, without a doubt, the cannabis industry's high-end trend setter. With bags that look and feel designer, and mask the unmistakable skunky smell of weed, being a closet-stoner has never felt so right.

I got the Lady G bag just before the holidays. I mean, what better time to see how well it works than at your company, family and friends christmas parties? Since I moved into my Lady G, I haven't thought twice to switch into another purse. It looks beautiful and I won't stink up a room again. This might sound cheesy, but I don't know why any fashion-oriented female stoner would use another bag? It doesn't make sense; especially if you're already spending the money to buy designer bags that don't mask the herbaceous smell of your Jack Herrer.

In fact, the sour, Earthy aroma is disguised so well that the warm scent of leather is actually the most prominent note— even when you're five feet away from the bag. The purse comes with two round, purple containers that seal with an air-tight gold-colored lid, making the transportation of nuggetry simple. The zipper pockets in the front and inside also create an air tight seal, making them safe spots to hide herb or resin covered pipes. The Lady G also has elastic bands inside as well, designating a secure spot for eye-drops, some lip color and a lighter. Lastly, there's a deep pocket on the outside of the bag created to carry for your phone. It's strategically placed there so you don't have to open the bag and (potentially) reveal the party that lies inside. How methodical of you, AnnaBis.

But Lady G's best feature is, perhaps, the fact that the interior pocket flips out of the purse, revealing the most covert (and creative) zipper compartment I've ever seen— and at once point in my life I owned 72 different purses, so I've been around the purse block a time or two. The super secret pocket is clearly where the good stuff goes, and let's be honest: Most bags aren't secure enough to even think about packing those party favors. Plus, stoners—both men and women— are natural hiders. Whether you're hiding herb from parents, cops, roommates or pets stoners are experts at finding the best nooks and crannies to stash weed. Thus, I've concluded that's why my Lady G feels so natural to use. I can tuck away my greenery without a care in the world.

Jeanine Moss, the brains behind AnnaBis, wittily defines her product as: “The perfect bag for women who like to hide things.”

Ha! And she's not wrong. It is, in deed, the perfect bag for hiding things.

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