The Kills

The Kills were two kids from two different places on two different continents—Jamie from England, Alison from Florida—who took the chance when their old bands broke up to start something totally new back in 2002, when pouring Patti Smith and Velvet Underground closet-mix songs into a little four-track was kind of an unexpected thing to do. With sheer personality and clarity of vision, they overcame cranky drum machines and the depredations of the UK music tabloids to build a band-slash-cult-slash-rock-n-roll-resuscitation unit, aimed along the same trajectory as culture-wreckers like Primal Scream and Royal Trux. The result? In physics, it’s called a “strange attractor”—a band for people who like their bands to be more than just bands.

Thu., Aug. 9, 8 p.m., 2012

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