The Jackson Are Touring This Summer. Are You Kidding Me?

When is a reunion not really a reunion? When the principal member of a band doesn't participate (or, in this case, is dead), then it can't really be called a reunion without insulting your fans, right? Common sense would normally dictate yes, but in the case of the Jacksons, that apparently doesn't hold true.

On Friday, the Jacksons or as I'd like to call them, the Jackson 4,
announced that they'd be embarking on a reunion tour, though nothing
they do should be surprising anymore. After last year's tribute concert to Michael in Cardiff, Wales, you would think that the brothers Jackson would have given up trying bilk every last dollar off their famous last name. Let's face it, sans Michael, these guys are washed up has-beens. Without the King of Pop, these shows are going to be half-assed money grabs.


I can't believe that the brothers would stoop this low in order to make a buck. It's really sad and pathetic that these guys have the audacity to continue on. Do they really think that anyone other than nostalgic and obsessive fans would come to see them? Even then, they should be playing small theaters instead of larger outdoor venues. If the Rolling Stones toured without Mick Jagger, would they be playing stadiums? I don't think so. It would be like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr touring as The Beatles and billing it as a reunion tour when it definitely isn't the case.

The tour is titled “The Unity 2012 Tour.” If that were really the case, why not have sisters Janet and LaToya get in on the fun? Oh wait, they have their own shit going on and don't need to live in the past. None of these guys has produced anything relevant without their famous brother so rehashing their greatest hits without their greatest asset (Michael) is surely going to be a letdown. It's appalling that these guys have the gall to even pretend this is a unity tour without including everyone. If the sisters were involved, then these gigs would at least have some intrigue surrounding them rather than a collective eye roll.

Of course, there will be fools willing to plunk down anywhere between $42-$125 (face value) to see these guys. Hopefully you won't succumb to this trap, especially when there are at least 30 concert tours that are better than this. In fact, if you're willing to waste money on these guys, then go down to your local bar or venue and support some homegrown talent or gasp, perhaps even buy some independent music. Your money would be served doing that than wasting it on this farce.

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