The Irvine Connection [A Clockwork Orange]

There are many reasons Irvine is attractive. Last month, Truth In Accounting revealed Irvine is No. 1 among the country’s 75 largest cities in fiscal strength (for the third straight year). In September, Irvine was deemed the “Best City to Live In” by Orange County Register readers and designated the Safest City In America with a population of 250,000 or more for the 13th consecutive year.

Many families will tell you they are in Irvine because a public education there is equal to a private education elsewhere. To maintain that reputation, the Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) contributes money from fundraisers, corporate donors and the community to the state-supported Irvine Unified School District. City taxpayers match what the IPSF raises, up to $1.3 million annually.

Orange County’s largest public university, UC Irvine, just announced the 70,540 applications from aspiring in-state freshman for fall registrations were more than what was received by the other eight University of California campuses—a first for UCI, which, speaking of firsts, was also the top choice among low-income families, underrepresented groups and first-generation families.

It’s small wonder Irvine is on the map for so many Chinese, which in this case is not a reference to known and silent investors, but rather pregnant ladies. Federal authorities on Jan. 31 arrested three alleged birth-tourism operators who catered to Chinese people. Also that day, indictments unsealed in federal court linked 19 people to schemes in Irvine, Rancho Cucamonga and Los Angeles County that made millions of dollars by helping foreign clients give birth in the U.S. so their newborns are automatically American citizens.

Dongyuan Li, 41, of Irvine, was charged with conspiracy to commit immigration fraud, international money laundering and identity theft. She allegedly used 20 Irvine apartments for her You Win USA business, which boasted of having served more than 500 Chinese birth-tourism customers.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) says its You Win USA probe resulted in the seizure and/or forfeiture of: three properties with millions of dollars in equity, including Li’s $2.1 million Irvine home; six vehicles (including four Mercedes-Benzes); more than $1 million from bank accounts; and many gold bars and coins.

When Li’s 42-year-old husband, Qiang Yan, was interviewed by HSI agents, he allegedly bragged of having $10 million in his bank account in China, referring to his birth-tourism-business investment as “chump change.”

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  1. This is quite strange – it seems like a normal post about statistics and then switches to the racism part before abruptly ending without any attempt at a conclusion. Loved it.

    1. HAHA – You hit the nail on the head. I felt the same way about the article. Left me hanging and wondering, what was the point??

    2. This was left for open interpretation I guess. But in reality, this is not about racism at all. This is about the truth. Wealthy foreign Chinese individuals and families flock to Orange County specifically Irvine to capitalize on real estate and business development. While it has brought some advantages(mostly for the Chinese themselves as we all know), it skyrocketed real estate and home prices to unspeakable numbers where other skilled , educated, hardworking migrants and Americans are forced to rent rather than be able to afford and purchase a property of their own. Not only in Irvine but for the whole Orange County metropolis. We could somehow understand why other nationals would want to have an American born family so as to rise up from poverty, escape religious/ political persecution and inhumane conditions. But for a wealthy foreigner to mock and abuse our system and in turn manipulate our open economic growth for their own (yes only their own) benefit not even the community. Then.. what now?

  2. The switch from statistics to birth tourism is a sharp one, but I don’t see how this is racism. I live in Irvine and birth tourism is rampant in my and local neighborhoods. Journalism is about speaking the truth and Dan did just that. Birth tourism is unfair to US citizens!

  3. oh shut up. do you live in irvine? you should see how bad it’s gotten these past 10 years. get off of social media and get some common sense back. i hope many other stings are in the works! you want to come here? do it legally… and shame on that couple for making money off those poor women! how sad. they are disgusting human beings. 10 million in china! hahahahaahah what a douche, how cocky can you be? are you doing the business to supposedly “help people” or for your own selfish reasons? go back and bathe yourself in gold bars worth 10 million….

    1. They are not helpless poor women, there is no coercion involved, and they are ruthlessly exploiting the largesse of a country and destroying its social and moral fabric- anyone going to Costco or driving in the streets of Irvine can see the deterioration in manners and civic behavior.

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