The Iron Press, a Craft Beer and Waffles Shop, To Open Soon at OC Mart Mix

Waffles and beer. Yes and hell yes. 
At The Iron Press, which opens in about two weeks at OC Mart Mix, it's all about the carbolicious pairing. I caught up with co-founder Leonard Chan as he puts the finishing touches on the Costa Mesa eatery.  
The restaurant's specialty: sandwiches made with beer-batter waffles. “Beer makes them crispier on the outside and fluffier on the inside,” says Chan, who opened California Shabu-Shabu in 2009. Every month, a different brew will used in the mix, starting with PBR. The Bruxie-esque sandwiches will be stuffed with savory fillings such as smoked turkey, brats and Stefano's Golden Baked Ham. “It's like HoneyBaked Ham on crack,” Chan says. 


While devouring the beer-waffle sandwiches, customers can wash it all down with–yep–beer.  Chan says he and partner Jeremy Saenz wanted to keep the offerings as local as possible, which is why 28 of the 30 brews they selected are from California. Guinness floats are also on the menu. 
Details for the grand opening will be announced soon, but in the meantime, Chan and Saenz wrote on their blog, “If you happen to pass by and smell things burning, please call the fire department. Otherwise, if it smells delisheroonie, come on in, we will probably have some things for you to taste!” 
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