The Illogic of Dana Rohrabacher's Martian Logic

I understand why Cameron Scott at the San Francisco Chronicle recently labeled Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as a Republican representing “Riverside.”

Rohrabacher would be a better fit for our inland neighbors, who are regularly featured on disturbing episodes of Cops.


Well, there's his bowl haircut, his well-worn polyester suits with high-tide pants legs, the way he snorts like a farm animal when he thinks he's uttered something witty, his methamphetamine-addict-like crazy eyes when he feels underappreciated, his inability to realize he's repeating a story for the umpteenth time, the way he talks with his mouth full of food at public events, and his hilariously fake bravado about his alleged surfing prowess.  
In his March 1 Chronicle post, Scott noted that it's “especially funny” that Rohrabacher recently used photographic evidence of a retreating ice cap on Mars as proof of climate change on that planet.
Scott didn't mean funny as in ha, ha. He meant funny as in peculiar, the word that often fits the Costa Mesa-based GOPer who avoided Vietnam War military service but became a notorious war hawk and self-described “patriot” after he became too old for the draft. 
We'll conclude with this point: Rohrabacher doesn't know what's happening on Mars or Earth. He simply regurgitates the talking points handed to him by deceitful corporate polluters. He's not a scientist. He's not trustworthy. He's a shameless career politician/bureaucrat who for most of the past four decades has avoided working any private-sector job. 
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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