The Humpers – Alex's Bar – January 17, 2015

The Humpers
Alex's Bar

Although The Humpers haven't been consistently rocking houses until lately, you'd never know if you were at Alex's Bar in Long Beach, Saturday night. Despite their crazy shows from days past, I only spotted one, count 'em ONE, PBR per band member while they were on stage. Lead Singer Scott Drake still managed to pull off somewhat of a crowd surf proving that age does not matter, maybe drinks, at this point, did, as towards the end of their set, they demanded a shot in exchange for an encore.


Years are no match for this garage punk band's ability to fill the house to the brim with an assortment of studded leather jackets, cat eye glasses and facial hair resurrected from the 80s. Dedicated fans came in from as far away as Minneapolis to catch these guys live before three years becomes three decades. The band showcased excellent energy that never seemed to cease throughout their entire set. A few circle pits appeared only to result in one guy rolling on to the stage. No major bodily injury? No problem, as said crowd-surfer plunged back into a sea of swirling sweaty bods.

“A shot for a song!” The band proclaimed. Some things never change, I guess, as the crowd and band dispersed in smiles and PBR cheers.
See ya in another three years…?

Critical Bias: So, I'm dating this one guy who knows a guy who….

The Crowd: older types who still want to turn up the volume and maintain a sweet 80s stash.

Overheard: “Mitch, you need to use more Irish Spring in your hair.” “I just smoked crack, so I'm a bit edgy.”

Random Notebook Dump: Dear Chick with gray hat and a point-and-shoot camera:
I loved your excited energy, but not your arm hoisting your point-and-shoot camera in the majority of my shots. Rules of the road also apply to photogs, babe.

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